Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Projects, Creeping Progress - L

The holiday weekend was cluttered with projects and 'real life' distractions.  I went to a gallery opening for offspring and there was a sale on hats.  So I texted pictures to the other offspring and she decided to get one.  Here it is and thanks to my model, Fuchsia!  O'Lover Hats at Warehouse 416 in Oakland.

I cut a muslin for a vest to be made from faux suede I got on sale.  And immediately lost interest.  Hmmm.  Maybe because I got the knitting pattern I ordered?  It's the Edwardian Jacket from Debbie Bliss Simply Soft. Debbie Bliss Simply Soft  I have copied a picture from Ravelry (dskinla - thanks!)

I will not look like this! 
 Of course I'm using yarn I already have that is totally different from the recommended yarn and so spend an inordinate amount of time modifying the scale and adjusting the stitch counts. I got the back entirely knit which is good.  This is the first time I've knit a sweater.  Next up, front pieces and the sleeves.  I also helped Valerie sew up her bodice and put in her first zipper.  We pinned the hem in her skirt, but have no thread so need to run by JoAnns before we continue.  I'm going to add the peplum in the back for her since I'm making it up as I go.  Still need to add the sleeves, trim the bodice and skirt, make and trim the apron front and bustle.  And she thinks she's almost done.  And may want to make a costume for her boyfriend.  This will be more difficult than she thinks.  (Hi Valerie, if you're reading this!!)

And finally, I sewed the trim on my polonaise (all except the front neck because I haven't added the closure).  I even sewed the bows at the elbows and the back.  All I have left to do is to add the hook closures and I'm waiting for a final fitting and advice from Robin.  I hope to be able to post final pictures soon, along with a peek at the vest and the sweater I'm knitting. 

All this along with a beach survey (so many birds!) some kayaking, and a short hike.  Am proud of self.

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