Monday, August 19, 2013

Costume College pix and Gatsby Sewing Sunday - L and R

Lazy, naughty, slacker bloggers.  I finally downloaded some pictures from Costume College.  I didn't take many.  I was too busy listening, learning, and meeting new people.  We also got a couple studio pictures which haven't been posted yet.  I was hoping to get them by now so I could post them here.
Getting ready for the Gala, Robin is all white and I am all black.  But this was just the foundation.  Our final pictures are still not up on the photographer's website.  

Most of the pictures we took were pictures in class to help us remember things.  Here's a couple from one of my favorite classes, 'How to Drape a Bodice' where we watched the teacher drape a civil war bodice in an hour.
I'd only imagined how to drape, so it was very enlightening.
And she gave us slides!

At the end of this post, I will add a bunch of pictures from the costume display.  Including some very cute hats.  But FIRST, we had sewing sunday yesterday.  

Robin has a LOT on her plate.  She needs to make significant progress on her Elizabethan dress, AND she needs to make a dress for the Gatsby picnic.  We focused on getting both bodices fit so she can cut and sew the final dress without worry.  Also, while I had cut out an Elizabethan bodice muslin, it is lost in history.  So I cut a new one and we fit mine too.  We did not take pictures.  

The only pictures we took were of MY nearly finished Gatsby dress.  Just needs hem and sleeve hems.
And my hat.  Which I should be getting very soon.  I borrowed my daughter's hat for pictures.  I also included a silly picture.  Because I like silly pictures.  

And I'm now buried in a mountain of hand work.  Hemming.  The skirt may be drapey, but it's a full circle.  

Also crocheting a vintage 'glamour' collar.  It's easy.  Slow but easy.

And while I'm hand sewing, I'm thinking about too many new projects.  
Victorian Anteater dress
Natural Form Plaid dress
Romantic era 
Robe a l'Anglaise
Pirate Coat (man's style but for me)
Improving my kraken bustle

Here are some pictures from the exhibit at CoCo and the dread pirate Robin: