Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Arched Brim Hat - Lisa

It is a fact universally acknowledged by those who know me, that I will go to any length to avoid 'doing' my hair.  Plus I have a little more time these days.  So, with the help and inspiration of Robin and Elizabeth Layton, I have made my first real hat.

It is really fiddle-y work,  but I may be hooked.  Never before now, has a hat ever been comfortable.  Not a loose straw hat or a baseball cap, or anything.  I have an oddly shaped head.  And now I have an oddly shaped hat for it.  And I made a caul because the hat alone doesn't cover my hair.  Now I can roll outta my house in my chemise and dress in the parked lot like everyone else, and not have to worry about my hair.  No 'curls falling out' or 'pin headaches'.  Huzzah!

Here's how it went:
Cut the brim pattern, in your size, of cardboard or heavy paper.  Adjust it to fit your head.  In my case, narrower in the front and wider in the back. I have no pictures of this.  Important...  since you measured your head already, the net of your adding and subtracting must be zero.  Or you have made to hat too large or small.  Check it before your cut your good stuff.

Cut buckram and add wire per the pattern.  Add wire if it isn't sturdy enough ( or at the suggestion of hat making friends ).  Glue on the fulling and bias tape per instructions.

Then cover.  Two simple words to convey my sore and tired hands.  Even my pliers are tired.  Possibly the hat is over-designed...  Still it's done.

And the caul.  Which is a circle of muslin, machine stitched in a grid, with beads.  I actually added some fabric at the top for my big noggin, but it's hidden.  Put it all together, and snap a picture (or stand grimacing and saying 'take the damned picture already').