Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fixin' Dickens and Lounging Trousers - L

Procrastination is one of my superpowers.  I have postponed making the pants that go with the shirt... blah, blah, blah.  Why?  Ironing.  I didn't feel like ironing the linen.  Why did I break down and do it?  The pleating for anteater skirt was even more annoying.

Here is the pattern from Decades of Style.  It was easy to construct, and the instructions were excellent.  They also came out a bit too big and it will be a challenge to fix them.  OK, NOT a challenge.  A fussy bit of noodling.  For now they fit fine and if I lose 5 pounds they will fall off.

I took a quick picture before I put in the hem.  Sorry that everything is wrinkled and the picture is blurry.  The mirror is very dusty.  I used these pictures because the mirror is at an angle and they make me look very long and lean.  And I like that.  I lurve these pants.  Comfy and stylin'.

The bust dart that I added to the blouse is directly under my arm in the side view, about an inch below the arm opening.  It can be identified where the stripe takes a jog to the left.  Why is it so difficult to take pictures with an iPad?
New - will dangling sleeve linings!

Next up (in an effort to avoid pleating) is fixing the blue plaid Dickens dress.  I made it in a rush last year and it didn't fit well.  I needed to shorted the skirt and take in the waistband.  I needed to fit the waist of the bodice and re-set the sleeves.  Also, I wanted to add some lacy stuff at the neck to hide my cleavage a bit.  I also wanted to fix my bonnet (it was a disaster that was unwearable).


Bonnet is all Christmas-y
All of the stuff for Dickens