Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Couple of Kid Costume pictures

 Here are most of the vests. Yes, it's blurry but have you ever tried to get five 10 - 11 year old boys to hold still?  I took a bunch of pictures and this was the best.  They will wear white shirts under these for the performance.  And the Sand Witch wand.  Blurry yet awesome.  Styrofoam fulfills it's ultimate destiny.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Costumes for kids - Lisa

 I got down to work BIG time this weekend, making costumes for my son't play.  It's an improv group for kids where they get to write their own play (with guidance).  So the characters and costumes can get pretty wild.

Luckily the group has 20 years of costumes in storage, AND the parents do most of the work.

Here are some of the things I did this weekend.  I'll have more tomorrow.

Turned a black and silver metallic woman's shirt into the Shadow Demon.  Includes headwrap with red horn and flames.

 Flying unicorns, one black, one white.  Half of each wings is shown along with tails and horns.  I need to cover headbands with felt, add ears and horns, and a mane.  The parents are providing one piece footie pajamas.

Not shown - Heaven Boy.  A black cape with lightning bolts and red wings.  Parents providing 'flame halo'.

Not shown - the silver and gold crocheted chain mail for the knights. The gold knight is supposed to be REALLY fat.  I got a $1 neck pillow and stuffed it into the 'chain mail' which was built to hold up the big saggy stomach.

And a gold knight's helmet with moving visor.  I'm still sealing it prior to painting.

The visor is actually a functional safety measure since the fat knight will have suction cup arrows shot at him during the play.  Sure they're aiming for his stomach, but kids.....
Craft foam armor should deflect any stay missiles.  I just hope it survives all three performances, since the knight will conquer the monsters by rolling into them like a bowling ball.

I also made (OK, still finishing) 6 colonial style vests.  4 brown and 2 red and am barely started with 4 colonial girls dresses (NOT historically accurate) including one for school age Betsy Ross that will be brightly red, white and blue.

I got help making the flying cheetah costumes.  I drafted and cut, and some volunteer moms did the actual sewing and wing making.

I still have 5 wands to do too!

Here's the patterns I used to scale up the vests and the cheetahs.  It was a great learning experience.