Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Front Closure Dilemna - L

I came home from a very fun weekend in Portland Oregon ready to sew on my hook and eye tape which would finish the polonaise except for adjusting the bustle tapes.  But oh, no.... 
I was expecting to be busy with work related stuff all day Monday until I caught my heel in my pant leg (on stairs no less) and ended up icing my ankle in bed all afternoon and evening.  Perfect for hand sewing!
Here is a diagram of what happened followed by comments.  And an accessory update ; } (apologies for format oddity)

I sewed the eye side on the left front, folding back any excess so it wouldn't show. The eyes stick over the edge.  Now I have to move the hook strip away from the edge so the center front remains in the center.  And NOW I have a big flap in the front.  To add insult to this, the hooks do NOT stay shut.  One big sigh and I'm topless.  So I'm down to deciding between sewing individual small hook and eyes, or caving in and making the buttons functional and sewing buttonholes.  I am concerned about gaps and pulling with buttons.

On a more fun note, I went to the Portland Fleece and Fiber festival and had far too much fun.  I acquired a 'humane' sheep skin shoulder wrap.  OK, I'm pretty sure that wasn't the intended goal of this item, but its what I'm going to use it for (Viking!).  The fleece felts ON the sheep, near the skin.  Careful removal results in what looks like a sheep skin but no sheep was harmed.  In fact, we hear the sheep is mightily relieved to be rid of it.  The picture shows the fleece laying on my bed, and 30 seconds later when the cat found it and aggressively attempted to subdue it.

She spun in a crocodile death grip, and growled her most menacing.