Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Got 3 things done - L

I finished the petticoat with two layers sewn to a single yoke.  I really like the idea and execution, despite the fact that it drove me crazy! - scroll to the end for the final picture:  Yoked Petticoat - Part Two

I finished the 1850's day dress (final picture at the end).  I didn't go into too much detail on this.  Robin has done this pattern and blogged it before.  As always, fitting the bodice was my big issue.  I did learn how to do piping and that was kinda fun:  1850's Day Dress - L

And last, but certainly not least, I finished the Skirt 0162 for the 1912 project.  I'm really happy with it, and wish I got better pictures.  Black on black is SO HARD to photograph!
VPLL 1912 - Skirt 0162

Now I'm starting the VPLL 1912   Blouse 1000.  I scaled up the pattern.  Every single piece needed changes.  And it is not possible to just 'cut the pattern bigger'.

Here's an example of the back.  I've changed it from a wee, corseted 1912 figure, to a modern 'robust' square shaped gal.

I'm cutting a muslin because there are so many changes I have no idea if it will even look like a blouse anymore.

OK, OK, I could have cut the muslin already, but I got talked into a snuggle.  My ancient, grumpy sewing cat....