Friday, February 8, 2013

Gallifrey One - Allons-y!

Got last minute tickets to Gallifrey One in LA in a week.  I know what I'll wear (steampunk/Dr Who)
I'm going with friends and the boys are each going to be a Doctor.  Mine will be '10'.  I got the suit and the high tops, shirt and tie, and found some old cardboard 3D glasses.
Now for the hair (he is not used to product and clearly uncomfortable but he likes it)

The BIG problem is making the suit fit.  I opening the seams under the arms and took it in.  Next I need to remove the front pleats from the pants and take them in.  Can that even be done?  I don't know. There are pockets in my way.  I need to fold the fabric over the pockets and fake it down, or just remove them altogether.  Strange enough, folding the fabric seems to be the easier solution.

I'll be back with pictures!

In addition, I'll be making a muslin of the TV Equestrian Jacket so Robin can so a fitting on our sewing day Sunday.  With whatever time I have left, I will start working on a medieval dress for Costume College.

On top of everything else, I'm missing a Gull Identification Walk to sew!  That actually makes me sad.