Friday, January 20, 2012

LOVE this boring costume - L

We're going to the Edwardian Ball in SF tonight (the entertainment night vs the actual ball).  All I have left to do is sew on some buttons and iron my blouse.  I'm really happy with it.  I realize that this event will be full of amazing, over-the-top outfits, and I will be dressed like someones maid.  I shouldn't be excited about this, but I am.  First, this is the outfit I was aiming for when I first created something to wear to a Steampunk event.  It embodies my ideal 'scientist', and I needed to make it properly.   Second, being large and flabby, I am just not comfortable showing a lot of skin.  Finally, I'm getting a chance to wear my homemade black hat again.  It lives in the odd region between 'hat' and 'fascinator'.  And it has real raven's claws on it (legally collected) and is crocheted from black wool.  A crocheted midi top hat.
(I'm totally channeling Jenny from 'A Good Man Goes to War')

Here's a more close up view of the top.  The sleeves are actually quite full from the shoulders and are pleated into the forearm. They just aren't ironed yet.  And I need to press/steam the tie.  It's vintage, from my grandfather. I will ask Robin to take pictures tonight when everything is as done as it's gonna get.  I wasn't sure I was actually going to get there.  After she did my buttonholes, I thought the rest would be a breeze.  I was so very wrong.  I had to hurry and.....yes I made mistakes.  I'm not going to fix them.  And usual, it's the sleeves.

Why are sleeves so demonic?

Here's a lower sleeve, pinned and ready to be sewn.  It took longer to pin and press, and a LOT longer to stitch down than I thought.  I stitched both sides of each pleat.  I got so caught up is pleating that I forgot that sleeves should be mirror images, not the same.  Didn't realize until I had them stitched.  I don't think it's terribly noticeable though.  AND I checked the size by wrapping it around my arm.  Of course there was a lot more 'give' in those pinned pleats than there was in the finished sleeve.  I had to undo the 'side seam' near the wrist by a about an inch and a half more than I planned so I have a decent range of motion (and roll the edge by hand).  I also added some lace at the bottom for length (and for pretty).

I have decided to name the blouse Ripley.  I watched Alien as I pinned and sewed.

Finally a picture of the pattern I used for this blouse.  Remember, I changed the sleeves to full at the top with tapered, fitted forearm.  Made the collar fit taller and more close to the neck.  Added length, added to the bust, raised the darts and added pleats down the front.  This is the only the second time I've flown this far off course with a pattern and not had a total melty.  Also, who's idea was it to call a pattern 'Kwik Sew' that has a two piece collar, fitted darts, and cuffs?

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  1. Hee. Sleeves are just EVIL, that is all. And I love the outfit. Sometimes the more simple outfits are just so aesthetically pleasing.