Thursday, January 26, 2012

Titanic Project (but not the 1912) - L

We signed up for the 1912 project.  The facebook page is open-sourcing at its best.  We can't wait to get our first pattern.  BUT, since we don't know what that pattern will be, and if it's something we'd actually want to wear, we decided to go ahead and make dresses from the Sense and Sensibility Pattern.  There are events in SF related to the Titanic anniversary and we wouldn't want to attend in less-than-appropriate attire.

We got some very robust coupons from JoAnns and went on a fabric buying binge.  Oddly, we both really liked similar stuff.  Normally I trend to dress like the maid.....  Anyway, I suspect we will have to claim 'twins' or just stay far apart.  As usual, though, we don't care!
Here is Robin's choice.  The picture didn't come out well.  The color is 'celadon' and is really flattering.  We both have embroidered lace overlay.  I think we will be able to differentiate ourselves with embellishments.  Also, Robin is staying focused on the green for both layers and I'm all over the place.  We'll both be dying some linen that Robin has in her stash for our underlayers.  You can see the pattern in this picture.

When I bought the pattern, I was so enthusiastic that I forgot to buy the 'DD' add-on.  I'm going to have to wing it again on the bodice.  (although DD doesn't really help - I'd have to add on anyway due to fat).

I went with a dusty rose color with ivory.  I plan to make my underlayer out of a medium grey. I put a grey scarf under the fabric to demonstrate but it is actually quite a bit darker than what I have in mind.  Tsunami (sewing cat) decided she's a good match.  Ed (the spider eating cat) would have claimed Robin's fabric but I chased him off.  She's allergic; he has wicked, fabric eating claws.

Last night I traced the bodice pattern and 'guessed' in some modifications.  As usual, I cut the back to my size, and expanded the front to one size larger.  Then I added an inch and a half of length in the front and about 3/4 inch at each dart.  I will try and cut a muslin today and see how I did.  If it's a disaster, I will re-trace and actually take measurements. I can always toss the muslin AND the traced pattern.  The center panel gives me a lot of leeway in this construction.  I think.
Only one question...does the bodice stop directly under the bust, or in that nebulous region betwixt bust and waist?  Do I get to decide?

You get to decide where your underbust ends up - where it looks good on you! I can't really tell where it should be from the fashion plates of the time as we know they elongated the body just as we do, so just put that where it looks best on you.  Mine will probably be somewhere around the sternum just to have some separation between boob and underboob.

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