Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Sunday Sewing Bee - R

Our sewing bee on Sunday was a success.  Of course we scheduled waaay too much "stuff to do" in one day, but I'm proud of all we got done.  In return for my machine embroidery of Lisa's black work for her Ren chemise, Lisa helped me cut out my Ren chemise and farthingale.  Her house has an area where we can lay out a huge swath of fabric all at once, however, I hate her iron because it doesn't steam enough!  And you know what's really great?  Finding out you made a cutting error on a nearly finished garment and trying to figure out how to compensate without do-overs.  Cause I did, and I did!

These sessions leave us exhausted but full of the feeling of accomplishment while reigning in our admitted procrastination/time waste tendencies.

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