Friday, January 27, 2012

Failure IS an option - Titanic - L

The bodice for the Sense and Sensibility pattern (S&S going forward) is not a difficult build, but it has a lot of drape so I need to get it right.  My first attempt at the modified pattern didn't work.  I got the 'volume' correct for the bust, but I didn't add enough length.  I'm going to add in more and ask Robin to help make sure the fit is accurate.  It's difficult to hold the back in place while trying to make sure the front fits.  It would be helpful to be Doctor Octopus at times.
This is when you are supposed to schedule a ladies room fitting after work, ya silly git!

Meanwhile, a large part of my brain is churning through options for embellishment and how much that will impact the basic bodice design.  And also pondering dealing with using the bird in my freezer as part of a hat (no worries, it was dead when we found it).

And, for the record, it is 100% illegal to catch, kill, or collect songbirds in the US.  Why?  Because we nearly killed off many species specifically to make hats!  I'm on a shared permit to collect dead via a beach volunteer group I'm in.  I really probably shouldn't have kept the bird in the freezer.  For myself.  And yes, crows and ravens are songbirds.  Now I'm off to read up on taxidermy.

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