Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fail day - L

I have motored thru a a few things recently.  My 1930's dress is mostly together.  I finished the main knitting in a sweater.  I helped the offspring grade a pattern, cut a muslin and fit it in only 4 hours.  Today, I thought I would finish the 30's dress or finish the sweater.  I did neither.

I did some hand sewing on the dress but not much.  And I did it all crazy.  I did all the bias binding except one armhole.  Why?  I cannot answer.  I hemmed 1/4 of a sleeve and then set it down.  I finished knitting the body of the sweater.  I need to sew up the arm seams and make a 60" I-cord.  I did 1 1/4 sleeve and 1/2 the I-cord.

I'm restless and can't finish one thing.  Instead I'm doing a little of everything.

At least I didn't start the knitting needle cases I bought fabric for.  These are a gift.  I wouldn't mention it but I'm pretty sure she doesn't read the blog.

Tomorrow I need to take a beastly hike.  Then I will be happy to sit and do fiddly things for a few hours.  And no, I didn't take pictures of failure.  This is not a 'learning' failure.  This is an utter lack of discipline failure.

Tomorrow is another day.