Friday, February 27, 2015

HSF 2 - the Blue Challenge

All three blue things, standing together.
Nothing challenging about blue!  In fact, I did 3.  And yet, here I am on the second to the last day, not quite sure what to post.  Yup.  I did 3 blue things this month.  All of them part of other things that are 'in progress'.  So I'll be posting them again as part of the final update for each outfit.

The winner is the 1915 plaid pleated skirt.  Why?  Because it's the 'Historical' Sew Monthly.  And plaid and pleated skirts were very popular in/around that time.
This is part of a cosplay and that post will be updated very, very soon

 Runner up - the 'blue demon' skirt.  It is the skirt for my nereid, and it's supposed to be water.  The skirt, when worn with a petticoat, is inspired by Victorian natural form.  I considered using it, but polyester organza and a 3 layer fishing line hem aren't really within the guidelines.  I'd love to say this was fun to drape but I would be lying.  Polyester organza is everything that is evil.  It IS awfully fun to wear though.  I am readying an update to the nereid post very soon.  In fact, I'm making seaweed right now and then I'll get to it.
Second runner up - Regency shawl, hand woven with twisted fringe.  Perfect!  Historical, and very pretty.  But only 6 feet long and 12 inches wide so it needs to be longer (which I can't do) and/or wider.  I may be able to make it wider.  Maybe for a later challenge.  It will get it's own post soon.   Until then it is a relatively useless scarf.

I've been busy making things and taking pictures.  As soon as I hit my next major roadblock (probably on Sunday), I will update posts all over this blog!