Saturday, July 12, 2014

Another win for cosplay! And finally a sewing day... - L

I got another third from the awesome Shear Madness judges for Attack on Titan.  This was for making things out of unusual materials.  I thank them for letting the definition of the challenge slide to include 3D maneuver gear.  I'm pretty sure the intent was to make clothing out of something other than fabric.

My offspring are now signed on to making their own stuff.  The boy will learn to sew!  I start everyone on pajama pants because if anything can wrap your head around how a garment gets put together, it's PJ pants.  And this means I can sew for me again!

I have a few things lined up shortly; a 30's tea dress, pattern testing a different 30's dress (pattern has a bust 10 inches too small so should be interesting), a victorian shift, a Regency dress, AND some cropped pants for late fall when Robin and I are off to Burma.  Because we haven't gone adventuring in a while.

I also want to make a men's Regency outfit and a victorian riding habit.  Then a natural form dress.  Also a victorian corset.  No problem.

Here's the result of hours of work to grade up a pattern by 8 to 10 inches.  It is just possible to see all the bits that are taped together in my  tea dress pattern.  When you made a pattern bigger you have to 'grow' it from the inside out.
The pattern is from VPLL and each dress typically comes in only one size.  I love it cause those aren't sleeves.  They are 'capelets' and are sewn on over the shoulder.  I have a bold floral rayon that will either be really pretty or '70's tablecloth meets The Blob'.

Robin got her Regency bodice right.  It's the Simplicity 4055 based on Sense and Sensibility pattern.  S&S patterns just don't fit us right without a little tweaking.  The back was too big in both our muslins but that's an easy and quick fix.

I want the regency dress for Costume College.  And the tea dress if I can swing it.  So yesterday Robin and I had our first sewing day in, well, forever!  We each had Regency muslins to fit, and I had a 30's muslin.  She had a 30's tracing (and a good thing too since it was too small through the shoulders).  We got it all fit including darts and hems.  I'd forgotten how much I missed sewing days. Now to cut fabric.....   This means more pictures and patterns; more blogging!  Also vacuuming and cleaning other cat detritus from the cutting floor.