Monday, January 14, 2013

Project weekend

I didn't take a lot of pictures cause... well... I was busy doing a bunch of different things.  First, I had an urge to knit.  My sock was coming along nicely until I realized it was going to be WAAY too big.  So I unraveled and decided to try a very easy shrug sweater pattern using big fat wool instead of the recommended yarn.  It was easy to mod the pattern, but that didn't stop me from screwing it up.  So I switched to a different yarn and it's going well.  But after all that knitting, I realized that I was just avoiding some costuming projects that couldn't really be ignored.

I made a lot of progress on my Haradrim costume.  I finished the bodice, made leggings and the core of the turban.  I got going on my bracers.  I need to glue down the edges on the decorative strips and 'age' them.  I think I will also add some trim to the top and bottom.  I hope to have a picture of it all together soon.

I still need to make a hat for this weekend's Edwardian Ball.
I have an idea.  But my ideas, unlike Robin's, rarely translate into anything wearable.  So we'll see.

Finally I helped my daughter with her Elf dress.  Self-facing piping in satin caused her distress.  So much distress that she didn't notice when she was dipping the dress in her milky tea.  At that point everything stopped so we could wash the dress.  Both tea and milk stain....