Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back from Costume College, full of ideas -L

Wow.  Robin and I went to Costume College and it was intense.  I took 10 and 1/4 classes in 3 days, wore 3 of my own costumes, made my first visit the the Fashion (fabric) District, met a lot of talented people, and learned more than I could possibly remember.  In addition, I didn't eat properly, didn't sleep well, (sorry for SNORING SO LOUD Robin - I blame the A/C), and was pretty intimidated by the costumes I saw around me.  I didn't take nearly enough pictures.  I was running from class to class, and trying to carve out time to get dressed for events, and eat something better than muffins for every meal.

Fashion District - there is, literally, tons of fabric.  Much of it is cheap, mostly for a reason.  But that's not necessarily bad.  Cheap poly cotton blends can be great for costuming.  So can poly satin.  I got some linen for $5 per yard.  Burn tested.  I got the most amazing cream cotton lawn.  Light, sheer and soft.  For $4 per yard.  Burn tested.  The shop keepers expect you to negotiate.  They know exactly how low they can go so you can get a bargain, but not likely a steal.  Unless you can get something that you can't find elsewhere and at a VERY reasonable price.  There are also some crazy places with stuff piled on the floor and shoved on shelves.  I got 10 yards of poly fringe, very hairlike, for $5.  And 15 yards of 3 inch rayon or poly ivory lace for $10.  I don't plan to dye it so I'm happy.  And on and on.....

Classes were great.  Teachers all knew their stuff, and covered it concisely.  I took a draping class and am ready to give it a try (with actual knowledge!  Thank you Lana Bailey).  I caught the last 20 minutes of a sleeve fitting class and learned how to solve some of my problems fitting where the front of the sleeve meets the bodice (thank you Jennifer Rosbrough at Historical Sewing).  And on and on....

People were all friendly.  And they were all willing to share.  There are a LOT of very talented costumers out there.  Even the folks who were really into historical accuracy were nice.  Robin and I like to take inspiration from historical dress, but we indulge our imaginations too much for historical accuracy.

We are expecting some pictures soon.  Real pictures from professionals.  We'll post them soon.
Message me if you are going to the Fashion District, and I'll tell you where I found the best stuff, but they turn over often so your results may vary.