Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Eowyn/Rohirrim dress update

Here's the first part of this journal : Eowyn/Rohirrim part one Sewed the sucker up and found that, after all that muslin fitting, it was too big.  I did have some problems caused by not having a marked point to match the front side panels to the modified center front panel so now I have a longer skirt in front and much more cleavage than I'd planned for.  Oh, well.... it was an interesting pattern alteration excercise. Lisa and I tried a FBA adjustment by using a larger size for the front and a smaller size for the back, according to measurements but I think that next time I'll have to incorporate a smaller size shoulder or do an actual FBA, something that I've never done successfully. ( I ended up taking the front panel off and moving it up 2 1/2 inches.  My chest has much more coverage and, due to the way I made the front panel, it is now short enough for dancing?,

I fitted it to myself using the "twisting every which way" in front of a mirror method. I needed to get this dress to a certain point before the holidays hit in full force, so I didn't get a "ladies room fitting" from Lisa. I do like the front panel I added and I like the sleeves, but next time I would not pair a stretchy fabric and a woven fabric. Additionally, the design on the woven fabric is painted on and kind of rubbery. It has an Icky feel to the hand.  Glad I'm not wearing it in real life.

Now I get to play with the yoke. I bought gold glitter and gold puff paint. I cut the yoke pieces out of the underskirt, sleeve lining fabric and cut an overlay out of green tulle.  I plan on painting the "embroidery" on the overlay, then sewing it to the collar.

Here is the finished dress! I like the fit and feel of it now, with the front panel raised, more modest coverage and taken in yet again.

Here's a shot of the puff paint "embroidery"

Now I'm working on a head dress/circlet and the belt

 I braided cheap Christmas wire in a herringbone, then glued on twisted silver wire and Swarovski crystals wit E-6000.  Hope it holds! Here it is modeled on the cheap costume wig I got on sale. All that is left is the belt!