Monday, October 22, 2012

Arwen/Eowyn - Elf or Human, what to be, what to be....- Rob

Misses CostumesMisses CostumesM4997I wanted to be an elf, but Lisa convinced me that everyone would be elves and that the ears would bug me while dancing, so I ended up choosing Simplicity 4940 because it seems more of what Eowyn of the Rohirrim would have worn in Lord of the Rings.  I plan on creating something similar to Eowyn's green dress and order my fabric from - some olive green velour for the overdress and and olive green floral crepe for the under dress and sleeve lining. I'll have to create and underskirt and have the skirt be able to tie to the side to reveal the different material underneath.

I saw a tutorial for puf paint lace, so I'm going to give that a try for the yoke. Wonder what kind of undergarments would make this look good? Not only that, but this is for a dance, so I'll have to make some way to string up the hem for dancing.

Here's the material I found for the dress. The velour is a strange color.  It said it was olive green, but then, so did the painted material for the underskirt.  The velour changes color from brown to olive. I wanted a brighter olive, but, oh, well....

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