Friday, April 19, 2013

Kraken McNuggets - Lisa

Here is the body (just a couple of tweaks to finish).  Nothing about this construction worked as planned.  Everything I thought I could 'fix' with filler, rub n buff, glue...NOPE! IT DIDN'T WORK.  See? I'm still frustrated.  I have one really ugly spot. I just can't make it better.  I give up.

The hinged section above is where the body will attach to the eye casing.  And another photo to show the tentacles (HALF the tentacles) taped in place.  Tonight's the night.  I will put it all together.  I will post pictures once I've toasted the end of construction.  I still don't know if it will hold together.  That is something I couldn't test.  Finally, I'd like to share my secret shame...

This is half of my bed.  I've been watching old science fiction, new science fiction and crap TV while constructing.  I have often fallen asleep while working.  My bed has looked like this for a month.  I have woken to hammers and wire cutters poking me in the back.  I've lost bills, and my kid's homework on my bed.

I'm not proud.  In fact I'm pretty mortified.  I made a promise to myself to get this done for Nova Albion which is next weekend.  I still have things to do on it, and on the garments that go with it.
I won't quit.  But I do want my bed back.

Things I would do differently - I really tried to make this out of metal and use proper metal working techniques to put it together. I will never drink that Kool-Aid again.  I have friends that do metal work.  If I need to join metal, I will hire them to do it for me.

Things I learned - some things just won't glue together; and the best made model don't translate to reality as easily as hoped.

B' Bye for now.

I just read this, and it sounds like I hate my kraken.  I don't.  In fact, I cannot wait to wear it.  It was a humbling experience and real life has got me tired and stressed.  But no worries!  Wearing a kraken bustle really WILL make me happy!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Swiss Waist - Lisa

I just keep thinking of new things I need to make in a week.  (I need to stop thinking)

With a skirt and blouse, my metal bustle is going to cause some waist problems.
Yes, I'll be wearing a corset, but the kraken will be a heavy beastie and doubtless will pull waistbands all 'out of sorts'.  I'm using a plain brown belt to hold it on.  I had daydreamed of straps and a tentacle harness but my many tribulations have put that out of my head for now.  (yes I had a crash and burn yesterday and spend another couple of hours re-doing it)

So in order to keep my midsection tidy, I'm making a quick Swiss Waist.  I'm using this easy pattern  Swiss Waist 1860
I learned an important lesson making the Haradrim costume.  Cool hardware can make for awkward dressing.  I bought this hook tape to close the front of my Polonaise (my first blogged project).  The hooks are not terribly secure.  One shy shrug and my goods were on sale.  I need constant tension to hold them in place.  I also learned that it is REALLY DIFFICULT to hook something tight enough to keep constant tension.  So I'm adding a couple elastic side sections.  I will also add a couple of hooks to hang useful items from.

I have this urge to add all sorts of decoration to this, but then I realize that I need to see how if hangs with the kraken belt.  Here is an image of a similar belt (mine is darker) and it's brass soviet russian buckle.  The belt doesn't stay tight.  I may need to wet the leather and wear it.  In my corset.  (naw, I'll use a carefully placed binder clip - I don't want diaper rash of the corseted areas).

And I should probably carry a weapon.  Although I find they often get in the way.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting at work, blogging.  I need to be home sewing or drilling or gluing something.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend update with tentacles - Lisa

Busy, busy weekend including a lovely sewing day with Robin.

We took no pictures.  She worked on her renaissance chemise and helped my by pinning sleeves in my grey jacket.

I sewed in the sleeves, and finished a new petticoat (just to use the new ruffler foot).  Note to self:  Ruffler works just fine as long as you go slow.  Do NOT go fast.

Now, in addition to pondering massive life changes, I need to finish (in less than two weeks):
petticoat - needs hook closure (safety pin might have to work)
brown shirt - needs waistband, frogs and hem
grey jacket - needs buttons and buttonholes

And the Ass Kraken!  (I'm getting there.....)

And I ALSO have to do my 'volunteer costumer' sewing.  6 colonial vests, 4 colonial dresses, 2 cheetah suits and about 8 sets of wings, along with miscellaneous tweaking.  And that has to be done in 4 weeks.

This will be a miracle....