Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Swiss Waist - Lisa

I just keep thinking of new things I need to make in a week.  (I need to stop thinking)

With a skirt and blouse, my metal bustle is going to cause some waist problems.
Yes, I'll be wearing a corset, but the kraken will be a heavy beastie and doubtless will pull waistbands all 'out of sorts'.  I'm using a plain brown belt to hold it on.  I had daydreamed of straps and a tentacle harness but my many tribulations have put that out of my head for now.  (yes I had a crash and burn yesterday and spend another couple of hours re-doing it)

So in order to keep my midsection tidy, I'm making a quick Swiss Waist.  I'm using this easy pattern  Swiss Waist 1860
I learned an important lesson making the Haradrim costume.  Cool hardware can make for awkward dressing.  I bought this hook tape to close the front of my Polonaise (my first blogged project).  The hooks are not terribly secure.  One shy shrug and my goods were on sale.  I need constant tension to hold them in place.  I also learned that it is REALLY DIFFICULT to hook something tight enough to keep constant tension.  So I'm adding a couple elastic side sections.  I will also add a couple of hooks to hang useful items from.

I have this urge to add all sorts of decoration to this, but then I realize that I need to see how if hangs with the kraken belt.  Here is an image of a similar belt (mine is darker) and it's brass soviet russian buckle.  The belt doesn't stay tight.  I may need to wet the leather and wear it.  In my corset.  (naw, I'll use a carefully placed binder clip - I don't want diaper rash of the corseted areas).

And I should probably carry a weapon.  Although I find they often get in the way.

Meanwhile, I'm sitting at work, blogging.  I need to be home sewing or drilling or gluing something.

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