Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quick Dickens - L

Wow.  So that title almost came out really wrong.  This year I wanted to wear something from the 1840's - 50's to the Dickens Faire.  IF I HAD TIME.  I finished my tail bodice and my cloak (pictures tomorrow!) and I'm mostly done helping my daughter with her polonaise and my son with his Halloween costume.  And then Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast and markets were closed for two days!  Work from home for me!  Making me one of the few that actually benefited from this disaster.

This is a very sketchy picture of my idea for the skirt.  The blue triangles are where the skirt panels fold back (reverse), showing something fluffy and white underneath.  The trim is not set in stone.  And the fabric is a blue, black and white check/plaid.

   Here's a sample of the main part of the skirt along with a piece of the piped reverse that I added at the seams.

I'll post more when I do more.

I'm not even sure I will actually have time to do this.