Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm not dead yet! - L

We have been a bit lax in posting recently.  There are a couple of reasons, and some of them are really good!  Robin has been sewing all out in an effort to meet deadlines.  She really wants to have ''his and hers' Elizabethan outfits ready for the end of September.  She has a lovely vacation planned between then and now.  CAN SHE DO IT!

Lisa is busy finishing stuff for VPLL 1912 Project and working on her Elizabethan dress.  I am really enjoying it, but it doesn't appeal to my aesthetic so I'm rarely motivated to post about it.  Then again, I did make some incredibly silly flea furs for us.  I had posted their body and head construction earlier and here they are in a very bad iPhone pic.  Gilded and bejeweled.  I particularly like the diamond teardrop fangs.

I have also started making my sleeves.  Here are two of the panels totally completed.  There are 3 panels per arm and they are sewn together at 5 or 6 points and decorated with jewels or buttons.  I guess I could also add ties (points) but that's just TOO busy for me.  Once I've made all six panels...seriously... 6... I'll go back to decorating the front piece that goes under the skirt. And decorating the sides of the front skirt panels.  That will just leave the bodice and a head covering.  These folks were nuts.  They make Victorians look like Puritans.

And Robin has donated this picture of the slops she's made her beau.  He's game.  Many men would run screaming.  His doublet is next up in her queue.