Sunday, February 23, 2014

Titan success and Gallifrey - L

First, and most important, transfer paper works!  Mostly.  Well, yes, it does.  My craptastic painted Survey Corp logos are bound for the trash heap.  I'm a LOT better with an exacto knife than a paint brush.  But remember kids, images must be reversed!  Only made that mistake once.  Out of two images.  Here they are, ironed to muslin, then heat bond to the jacket.  The offspring decided they looked more like 'patches' that way.   The pictures are poor because I made the nugget get up at dawn for pics.  Next up for this costume is the 3D maneuver gear.  Thank you Ms Kurtz!  You are a life saver!!

And I spent the weekend at Gallifrey.  So much fun.  Everyone so nice.  And this year I wore the same outfit as last year, but caved into peer pressure and entered the masquerade.  I got the Fierce Stitching award!  Pretty awesome considering my truly horrific stage fright and the really stiff competition.  The workmanship judges are serious costumers and gave me a serious going over and quiz.  So I earned this one.  And, let's face it, Dr Who fans are the most inclusive in the world, so I had no reason to fear.  It's just like seeing a giant nasty spider in the bathroom.  I can't help being afraid.

Also work progresses on the 40 costumes for the play.  The basic framework and main fabric for the onion and brussel sprout are done.  I want to try them on the kids really quickly before I finish them.  Next task for the play is sizing up the cat suit pattern for 5 different kids.  With any luck, I will have some volunteers to actually sew them together.  Then the centaur, the slice of cake and the jar of mayonnaise.  Am saving the carrot and banana for last.