Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sorry I forgot you blog! - Lisa

Working hard and not taking pictures.  Bad blogger.  Bad.  Yesterday, Robin and I went to the SF Opera costume sale.  We got a lot of stuff, like cloaks and coats and skirts.  They each cost less than the fabric they were made of so major alterations or complete rebuilds are completely logical.  Maybe I can take pictures today.  Also, I've been powering thru costumes for the play and adding bias binding on my 18c stays.  I thought they would be pretty with light pink binding.  Alas, I am lazy and my JoAnnes only had bubble gum pink.  And this is, after all, underwear.  I hand sewed the bias binding.  it is just too difficult to get the curves right when I machine sew.  And now I have met my goal of posting a picture of stays with ridiculously large pocket hoops.  I still need to attach the hoops to the twill tape band.  I think this corset pattern will work nicely for armor.

And then the kids.  I decided to make the easier costumes first.  That means cleaning, repairing and altering existing costumes.  And then I bought/ordered fabric and all the other stuff I knew I'd need that I couldn't scrounge from the costume storage.   Pictures are only half of what I did.

four cats, one with wing markings on her side
Two dogs and a rabbit
a few robes and lab coats
A bunch of kids wanted to wear wizard robes.  Some of them are heros and some are bad guys.  I measured their shoulders and the length, but forgot to measure their arm length.  Had to estimate from internet growth charts.  Same thing with the cats and dogs.  Luckily for me, we had one dog costume already, along with a rabbit, monkey, various lab coats,  safety vests, and a marching band jacket.  Next I need to make food costumes, a centaur, and a dress made from candy wrappers.  The play is called
  "Bacon - The Dumbest Day in San Francisco"
Mad scientists attempt to control ALL the bacon.  There are battles between heros and villains, and giant animals and giant food items.  There is a news crew reporting on the action during the entire play.
I think this means that the audience (parents) may actually know what's going on this year.