Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Long weekend - Short sewing - L

Well I didn't get much done this weekend.  I supervised a lot of stuff, but not much for ME.  And mostly it's all about me.  Right?

I crocheted this little tiny top hat (meant to be a fascinator not an actual hat since it's only 2.5 inches across the top).  Then I made what I have dubbed the Tesla spheres as a decoration.  I still haven't put them together, and I still need to clean some excess glue off the ... thing.  What DO you call it?

I have a couple young ladies who are interested in making Victorian costumes for a variety of upcoming events.  They each wanted to make a skirt, petticoat and the TV Polonaise.  And that was not gonna happen.  Both are beginners.  I don't think I could get two beginners through this much sewing without losing my mind.

In the end, my daughter made a skirt, and is starting the polonaise.
Her fabric is just so cool.  She has her skirt done except for the hem, and potentially trim and has already sewn and fitted a muslin.  This weekend, she cut her fashion fabric and her lining. And since that is a :LOT of cutting for a newbie, we sewed up her sleeves and the bustle part of the dress.  That way she gets to feel 'progress'.  The main part of the bodice is gonna be a beast for her, but I think it will be the single cutest costume I've been associated with.  Next time we get started on the petticoat.  NOT so much fun.

Her friend decided, after reviewing the work involved, that she would be good with a skirt.  She has 6 or 7 corsets so she can wear them over a black skirt (with or without a top underneath) and look really cute.  She made a black skirt with the 'super easy' unstructured waistband.  And she's happy.  She decided that was enough stress!
And sure enough, the skirt looks great with her black and white corset.  She may make a chemise top and a petticoat.  If she feels like it.  Either way, she can steampunk with the best now!