Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I DID IT! (Lisa)

I finally did it.  I announced that I'm retiring.  Last day is 6-14.  I'm preparing to be swallowed by the maw of corporate paperwork.  And then emerge from that cocoon as a marvelous unemployed butterfly.

With no constraints on my time (oh ha ha ha) I hope to do ALL the fun things.

I did take my son to Fanime last weekend.  He wore a sweatshirt designed after Ezio from Assassin's Creed.
After seeing the costumes at the con, he wants me to make him this.

No problem.  For a growing 11 year old.  Easy. Actually I love the idea and did some fabric shopping online.  But no buying.  I have no idea how much he will grow and where that growth will manifest itself. In the arms and legs?  Shoulders?  Torso?

Also, I wore some steampunk stuff in case we had time to make it over to Clockwork Alchemy.  Didn't make it, but the anime folks were fascinated.  I'm pretty sure I was the only female there who was NOT showing a LOT of skin (except the furries).

Here he is, right before joining a LARP army.

The sweatshirt survived.