Monday, August 27, 2012

Sewing for fun - L

Cut loose from calendar obligations (needing a costume done for an event) I have gone a little crazy, indulging every whim that wafts thru my head.  I could be taking this time to work on my elizabethan costume but I'm not.  Maybe soon.  My daughter and I decided to go to a couple of things in late September/early October.  I actually have something to wear, but I want MORE!  Plus, I was a little bored at work.  I went looking at dress blogs and pattern sites and suddenly decided I can't live without this TV Tail Bodice.  I had some fabric that I bought with the idea of making a Steampunk villain (a la Maleficent).  I was trying to drape a bodice mashed up from a couple of different patterns but I wasn't excited about the results.  Now, suddenly, I'm excited.
Here's a really bad picture of my fabric (the upper right corner is the closest to reality).  I don't know how long the tail will actually be.  I don't have the recommended amount of fabric for the longer tails.  But my fabric 60 inches wide so I may be able to cut carefully and squeeze in some length.

I have decided on a neckline yet.  It will depend on how the muslin looks.  And herein lies a a new thing.  For the last year or so, I continue to be challenged by fit. And while I'm able to get the garments to fit, I don't like how they look.  I've come to the conclusion that I need an overbust corset.  That means I'll have to make one.  I simply can't justify the expense of a custom corset, and off the rack doesn't come in my size.(After writing this, I caved in and BOUGHT a corset.  I doubt it will fit well, but it was clearance, and will fill the gap until I can make one)

I went ahead and made a muslin.  I love the TV patterns, since they allow a lot of sizing flexibility.  I tried it on and it fits really well.  Only needs dart adjustment.  I will wait for my new corset before I make a final determination on fitting changes.  I can already tell that the pleats in back will be a pressing challenge.  They are not on-grain except the center back.

I love this pattern and suddenly have about 3 or 4 things I want to make with it.

My daughter has decided to make a polonaise.  I am providing guidance ONLY and making her do everything herself.  It's going to be really tough for her since her skills are not robust.
She already made a full black skirt that is a gathered tube with a waistband.  She's made a muslin and we fit it.  Now she needs to cut her lining and her fabric.  She's going for a bold look with this red stripe and it's gonna be amazing.

I also found a great free tutorial for a butterfly bustle at Your Wardrobe Unlocked.  It's very simple.  I had some cheap lace fabric, and even cheaper faux gold/black taffeta.  I put them together and made the bustle.
Here's how it ended up:

A bit higher and poof-ier than I expected however I haven't' sewn the center back pleats to the waistband.  I'm thinking of attaching a ribbon to allow be the adjust the height of the center pleating to go with different bodices and vests.  It's really pretty.  You can sort of see thru the lace and get a shimmer of gold.  The extra poof comes from using cheap polyester fabrics.

Then I had another mad rush of things....just THINGS.  I finished the little metal decorations for my black steampunk skirt.  I decided to make them removable both for cleaning and to give me flexibility using the skirt.  AND I decided I wanted to crochet a little top hat fascinator.

(I wasn't poor brain has been bustling with ideas and the projects I had were not fulfilling my costume creation needs)

Here's the metal decorations.  They are connected via a copper chain.  And then...

Hat on a cat!  I just need to crotchet the rim.