Saturday, March 7, 2015

The VERY full plate - L

Trapped in bed, working on cosplay and Nereid hat
I've made an error.  I decided to have ALL THE FUN at once.  So here's what I'm working on:

WW1/Outlander cosplay is done except for pictures.  I have to 'do' my hair to take pictures.  It doesn't take long but I also want to do pictures on a foggy morning.  Atmosphere.  I want this done by the end of March.  Blog post.  (updates are near the end of the post)

Nereid - Skirt and corset mostly done.  I need to choose the right petticoat for the skirt and sew the beading on the corset.  Which means I need to finish the beading.  I made a tiara and seaweed.  I need Robin's help to put it all together.  And I made a start on the shoulder armor.  I want this done by the end of March.  Tick, tick, tick....  Blog post.   (updates are near the end of the post)

Lowell Mill dress - I made a muslin and am ready to fit it.  Then I twisted my ankle and missed our sewing/fitting day.  I couldn't stand up on one leg for very long.  And I can't lace that stupid corset by myself.  Also, I wore the corset to a Regency dance with my pretty blue Regency dress that I never properly blogged.  The busk is bad news.  I have boobs and a tummy.  The busk was flat against my chest but was pushed out by my belly so it stuck out at the under bust.  Nothing is cuter than a clearly visible wooden stick up the front of your body!  I took it out and replaced it with flat steel boning.  That should work a lot better.  I will take a picture next Wednesday when we finally get to out fitting party.  Once the bodice muslin is fit, this project should be pretty quick.  It's not complicated.  It should be finished in June.  Updated blog post soon.

18C Demode Court dress - first fitting is done!  And I had to recut it.  The second version is ready to fit.  I also need help to made the under petticoat.  It has to go around my giant pocket hoops and pleat at the top.  Once I get THAT figured out, I can use it to cut the visible petticoat.  And let's just not talk about the wig.  I just can't think about that right now.  Needs to be done for Costume College, end of July.  First post going up soon.

Naruto cosplay for Fanime - I have my son's Kakashi shirt and pants pretty much done except for trim.  I have the wig and headband ready for styling.  I still need to work on bracers, leggings and shoes.  And make a mask.  I have never styled a wig.  Going right for anime hair first time out.  Wish me luck.  And I'm doing a costume for me too (Jiraiya).  The wig is here, and most the fabric arrives Monday.  Finally, I'll need to help my daughter with her Tsunade costume.  Needs to be done mid-May for Fanime.

I'm all into the Historical Sew Fortnightly (now monthly) so I'm distracted by that.

Finally, the kid's improve group just reached out for costume help.  The play is on Monther's Day.

This may sound like a lot, or it may sound like I'm whiny.  But I'm stuck in bed resting my foot so it heals really quickly.  I'm going to Paris and Morocco for a dance and music tour in 2 1/2 weeks.  And I'm leaving in a month.  I think the kids are gonna get short shrift.