Thursday, July 11, 2013

Busy busy weekend - L & R

 Robin will be a pretty, pretty pirate!
We are going to Costume College!  And we are excited.  Primarily we learn about sewing and costuming, but there are also 3 events that allow us to show off what we've made.(Well, 3 that we're going to)
Our Sewing Saturday was devoted to getting stuff ready for this event.
Time Traveler's Gala:
The theme seems cavalier/pirate but we don't have anything.  We're bringing out LOTR stuff.
Fantasy Tea - Pirates of Penzance:
In a shocking turn of events, Robin is being a pirate and Lisa is wearing a dress.  Weird.
Sunday Undies:
Lisa is wearing her 1912 princess slip.
(I shortened it by raising under the bust in front, and above the pleats at the hem in back.  Trust me, there was no easier way to do it)

In addition, we have tickets to attend the Gatsby Picnic.  Lisa has already posted her pattern.  Robin has finally settled on hers.  And at the last minute, Lisa's daughter has decided to attend.  That means she needs to make a dress too.  She chose a grey poly crepe with shiny rectangles.  It's sheer and will have a natural muslin underslip.
Lisa has tweaked and tweaked her muslin.  On Sunday, she did one final tweak to the shoulders and started cutting her fabric.
(I really really REALLY hope this works - otherwise I just don't know WHAT I will do....)

Anteater update:
I hit that spot...  You know, where you can't find anything and the more you look, the worse it gets?  I've been folding and listing fabrics, patterns, notions and stuff.  That 'stuff' that defies systematic organization.  Seemed a good moment to take a photo of the fabrics I had in mind.  I still haven't settled on trims.