Monday, March 25, 2013

Release the Kraken! UPDATED- L

Due to my riveting problems (pun intended) work on the metal is slow.  My current plan is to glue all the parts and add rivets afterward.  The glue requires at LEAST 36 hours to set properly.  I can only glue a little at a time because the curves try to pull straight. Masking tape won't hold multiple sections in place while the glue sets.  I have about 3 'glue sessions' left to get the bulk of the 'head' put together.  Then some pounding, drilling, and riveting.

In the mean time, I have been working on the case to  hold the eyes.  Initially this seemed simple to me. Because I didn't think.  I'm still using my original metal for this, and it's very thin and soft so I've had to reinforce it.  There are two of these pieces which will surround the eyes.  I have to add hinges and a latch.

That is on the agenda for today or tomorrow.  Then I'll reinforce the eye opening and add padding and stuff to hold the eyes in place.  It's heavy.  I still need to attach tentacles and a way to attach it to ME!

And speaking of tentacles, here are the parts I've put together...

I'm not sure about the EL wire yet.  As a concept it is very appealing, but adding the switches and access to them is problematic.  I will be painting the clear tubing somehow.

Finally, I'm also making a jacket.  I made a LOT of progress on it this weekend.  The bodice and lining are made.  The sleeves are nearly made.  The collar is made.  Everything is fit.  I'm fairly confident I can finish it this week EXCEPT for embellishments.  I'm not 100% set on what I will do.  As long as I don't set the sleeves, I'll still have access to sew on trim.  And I can do it by hand too.  Here's a peek at the back - dark grey wool with black satin piping.  The lapels will be a textured black wool, and the collar is black velvet.  It hasn't even been pressed yet!  I was running a little late to work this morning and didn't get a picture of the pressed bodice.


And a quick hint of the eye...


  *    *    *    *    *

I got my Ass in gear!  I got crackin'!  Seriously, could we make any MORE silly puns?
I'm back with heavier metal and new finishes.  My hands are beaten up, nicked and scrapped. And it's starting to take shape.
 First, I tested finishes.  This looked very promising.  Brass for the base of the 'head' and riveted strips, and aluminum ducting heated and then waxed with copper Rub N' Buff.  I included a sample of the original aluminum and a rivet.
 But then I started to heat the aluminum.  This takes off the 'shiny' so the finish looks more realistic and aged.  And I got these really awesome patterns.  This is a direct result of my notorious impatience.  I wiggle.  And every time I wiggled, I got a swirl.  

I decided that, as much as I LOVE me a copper finish, the swirls looked fantastic.  (yes, I tested to see if they would show thru the copper because that would be best of all worlds...and no they didn't).  I threw a coat of varnish on the ducting and set to riveting.

And it is HARD TO DO.  I have to slice the brass strips so they bend.  Crimping them looked terrible.  One of the aluminum strips will NOT be riveted.  I feel glue in my future.  In fact, all of this will be reinforced with glue before I try to wear it.

And just in case you have NO IDEA what I have in mind, here is a very crappy drawing of 'sort of' that this will be when I'm done.

Or at least what I want it to be when I'm done.

Sorry for so many things about this drawing.  The top of the pictures is a person (ME!) wearing the Kraken as a bustle.  The brown square is how it attaches to my body.  Sort of a wide, boned belt.The kraken with it's sparkly eyes is sitting on my bum.  The long tentacles go over my shoulders and the smaller tan tentacles go around my hips.  Top tentacles are corrugated plastic tubing.  Bottom tentacles are clear plastic tubing.  There may some EL wire in there too.

The tidier drawing is what it looks like from the top. The white circles are where the top tentacles attach.

Riveting problems abound.  Power tools may be employed.

Send good wishes my way!!!!!