Wednesday, November 7, 2012

UPDATED nearly final Dickens - piece by piece... L

 Here are some more pictures.  The bodice is closed with a zipper and the frogs are decoration.  I just don't trust them for the actual closure.  I'm probably going to add more trim.  I was going to add some of the same trim that's on the sleeves around the skirt.  I tried a variety of layouts, but never 'fell in love'.

I need this finished soon.  I am attending the Dicken's Faire in about 5 days and wanted something period accurate.  Not that a zipper is period accurate (neither is flashing one's chest).

I plan to post a picture of me, wearing this.  Assuming I remember to take a picture.

Last night I made sleeves.  I also decided to modify my skirt just a little.  I'll post a picture when I figure it out.

Robin points out that I am, yet again, being very understated.  Yeesh!  Clearly I just don't get it.  I'll just have to put it all together and see if I can pull out something nice.  Hopefully the skirt and bodice will compensate for the sleeves.  No WAY am I taking them apart to add stuff.  I'm also a little concerned about the plaid showing thru the lining.  But I don't think it will be that noticeable.  For the record, I think the bright royal blue is quite striking.

That's it for now.  Hope to cut the back of the bodice tonight, and maybe mess around with the skirt.

Here's a rough, pinned together skirt look.  Each fold-back is small and located at the bottom of the vertical skirt seams.  For perspective, they are about 8 - 9 inches tall.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tail bodice complete - ready for the Bal des Vampires!

 I didn't get good pictures, but at least I got SOME pictures.  My daughter was working on her polonaise up until the last moment.  She didn't finish the trim around the neckline and had to guess where to place the decorative frogs on the front.  She plans to update it soon!  Also, she added cute trim to the skirt which you can't see in the picture.

I have my cloak thrown over my shoulder.