Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How Many White Things Can You Cut Out In 2 Days? - R

There are no pictures for this post because everything I did this weekend was done in white muslin or white material:
Traced pattern, then cut and marked 1940's dress muslin
Cut out white brocade and lining for a man's formal vest and bow tie,
Traced and cut out man's doublet muslin
Sewed a bit on a white muslin farthingale
Machine embroidered the cuffs, ruffles and collars of a man's white muslin Elizabethan shirt.  Have finally learned how to line those suckers up properly.
Did machine black work embroidery on a white muslin smock yoke for me (not at all successful and will probably have to scrap it and start over)
And, finally, made a pattern from an existing dress for my sister (that project is about 10 years in the waiting, but I finally had the skills and materials to do it right).

Waiting in the wings is the white muslin bodice for the Titanic Tea Dress that Lisa will fit to me this weekend, a white muslin Victorian chemise that is almost finished and some other project in a bag that I just didn't bother to look at.

So what do you do when you are sick of white muslin?  Go online the next day and by some colorful fabric for which you will need to make...you guessed it....a white muslin!

Princess Slip - Nightgown is done - L

Here's the lace detail on the finished challenge pattern that I reworked.  FOUR kinds of lace.  And when I say finished, I actually mean finished except for buttons and buttonholes.  I think my machine needs help.  Can't get buttonhole attachment to work.
This was primarily a mental exercise.  Once I figured out how to make this work for my body it was just a sort of a jigsaw puzzle with a lot of long seams.  I posted last week about all the measuring and mental gymnastics of changing a pattern for a short and slender woman into something for a tall and substantial woman to actually wear.  And it worked!  I added the sleeve caps as a visual way to balance my hips.
Here's the whole thing.  Pleating is a pain.  Pintucks are a pain.  I think I have it out of my system for a long while.  And really, only the center front insertion lace offers a possibility of embarrassing the offspring.  The part I ended up liking the best was deciding to use bias binding around the armhole.  I looks tidy and solved a multitude of small problems.  Here is a close up of the bias binding. I did it by hand since I felt I would suffer more trying to machine sew it in all the tight spots.  Actually, I did one of them riding in a car on the way to see my daughters new flat.

Now I'm starting the frock coat.  Actually I'm blogging in an effort to avoid the frock coat.  It's cut out and marked.  Now I have to do the welt pocket.    And YES!  I finished another pair of socks!!!