Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursday's Child - the Girl Friday blouse - Lisa

I bought this pattern from Decades of Style at Costume College along with a pattern for 'lounging pajamas'.  I will make the wide legged pants out of black linen.  Soon.  First I wanted to tackle the top.  When I looked at the finished measurements I wasn't sure if, or how, I would add to the bust.  I emailed the question and what I suspected was the best solution for me.  I got back an answer quickly.  Which is awesome.  The pattern has shoulder darts and front tucks for shaping.  I didn't want to add in those spots because it would create additional volume that I don't need, so I added side darts.  Because who doesn't want MORE DARTS!  And I did it on a pattern that doesn't have an armscye.  Because I like to torture myself. I made a quick muslin, though, and it fit decently.

The appeal of this pattern is the crazy collar with embroidery.  I made the blouse with an ivory and black print in cotton sheeting.  I was perplexed about how the embroidery would look with the print and what colors I would use.  I did a row with black and a row with dark red.  I thought about alternating them. Then I did a couple more rows.  Then someone said 'why did you do all that?  It looked better before'.  Usually I can ignore those kind of comments, but this time it resonated with my own worries. I slept on it.  And when I woke up in the morning, I pulled it all out and replaced it with a single row of soutache.  Much better.  Downside; even with careful measuring, the soutache didn't line up perfectly when I attached the collar.  I opted to match the top collar since it's the most obvious visual point.  And I officially loathe invisible side zippers, even though they look good.

Now I want to make the pants.  I know I will love them because I love wide legged pants.  However my yardage is based on the pattern recommendation and I have since discovered that I need to add 5 or 6 inches to the length.   Yikes.  That's probably 1/4 yard in the layout.  So I'm not looking at it for a week or so.  Maybe if the fabric sits around and watches TV for a while it will get fat.

(see, you can hardly tell it doesn't meet)

There is no final picture of me wearing it with pride.  I had to wash it to get the needle holes from the embroidery out.  Now I have to iron it.  Please do not hold your breath.