Thursday, June 14, 2012

Short Sewing Sunday

We've been quiet, but busy.  We each have multiple projects in motion at once, and at various stages of completion.  This last Sunday, we got together to do fittings.  We thought we might squeeze in some actual sewing, but fitting took precedence since that's one thing we can't do on our own.  It's a shame, really, since sewing underthings like petticoats is generally boring, and waaay more fun to do in company.

Lisa fit her renaissance corset for the final time, and Robin reset the back strap placement so the straps stay on.  All that's left is closing the boning channels and binding the top.  Lisa also fit her 1840's bodice (a couple of times) and determined the hem of her multi-layer petticoat (which means she also knows how long to make her skirt).

Robin fit her 1840's bodice and a ballgown bodice.  She also got to try out her new corset.  PRETTY!

But first, a quick science picture!

Did you get a chance to see the Venus Transit?  We did our best with a telescope lens and a magnifying glass (the image is projected on a blue shopping bag).  See the faint circle in the upper right quadrant of the picture?  We're pretty sure that was Venus (black dot inside the circle).  thanks Greg!

So we will try to take more pictures soon.  And really, how many pictures can you expect from an afternoon of corset and bodice fittings?  We were really busy and often fairly naked.

And if you haven't been following recently, here's what we've been up to:
Men's Frock Coat

Yoked Petticoat - 1840's
Elizabethan Corset
(scroll to the end of the post for the most recent updates)

We will start posting on our 1840's dresses soon.  They are still mostly just ideas.