Monday, March 9, 2015

Mill Farm Robe a la Francaise plus an update and lots of pictures- L

Dear Pattern, can we talk?  You are not holding up your end of the bargain.  I'm glad you weren't terribly expensive because you have no pictures.  Just words.  And your words are nothing like the words I would choose to describe specific actions.  I'm thinking I need to re-watch this week's Downton Abbey because I spent the entire episode trying to figure out what you meant by pleat at AA and BB. That said, your shapes seem to work quite well once I change them for my bust.  And that is a separate rant.  There are no tutorials for doing a full bust adjustment with a shoulder pleat.  So here is a picture of my best guess.

Updates to this dress are now in a new post here

 And here is the first fitting.  Not half bad.  Too long in the waist and a few more tweaks.  I have already cut a new, improved version that I will fit very soon.  Due to the FBA at the shoulder, I have way too much width there.  Luckily, I can just cut it off.  That thing that looks like a cape coming off my shoulder is the body of the dart.  It's pretty darned big.

And in the mean time, I finished the beaded octopus for the nereid corset.  The colors look very dull in the picture.  I included a picture of the back.  And I did make two of them.  It has exhausted my desire to bead anything.

 I dragged my gimpy self out of bed and took WW1 Outlander pictures.  I was hoping for a foggy morning.  And hoping I could find my son's old kid sized golf club.  I had to settle for holding balls (yes, I went there) and a vintage tennis racquet.