Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend update with tentacles - Lisa

Busy, busy weekend including a lovely sewing day with Robin.

We took no pictures.  She worked on her renaissance chemise and helped my by pinning sleeves in my grey jacket.

I sewed in the sleeves, and finished a new petticoat (just to use the new ruffler foot).  Note to self:  Ruffler works just fine as long as you go slow.  Do NOT go fast.

Now, in addition to pondering massive life changes, I need to finish (in less than two weeks):
petticoat - needs hook closure (safety pin might have to work)
brown shirt - needs waistband, frogs and hem
grey jacket - needs buttons and buttonholes

And the Ass Kraken!  (I'm getting there.....)

And I ALSO have to do my 'volunteer costumer' sewing.  6 colonial vests, 4 colonial dresses, 2 cheetah suits and about 8 sets of wings, along with miscellaneous tweaking.  And that has to be done in 4 weeks.

This will be a miracle....


  1. Do the wings in one go, line em up and do one step at a time on all of them; I think I mean to say "assembly line". That way the glue gun stays hot and you get focus.

    I am confused: 10 colonials, two wild animals and...uh...eight dead colonials? I am writing a new storyline every minute in my head....

  2. Improv play written by the kids, with guidance to insure some semblance of a plot. This play has time travel, past and future and a quick romp into an imaginary land. Luckily, I don't have to deal with the dragons, flying unicorns, or the robot. Parents have stepped to the plate. I have already finished the lighting cape and am doing the flame cape this week. And there are two knights. I crocheted silver and gold chain mail. I love the creativity. It's the parents that cause me pain. 'Don't have a cheetah costume? Tell them to be something else'. That is the wrong answer. They have an idea, we should help them to make it happen. Besides, who doesn't love a challenge.