Friday, April 19, 2013

Kraken McNuggets - Lisa

Here is the body (just a couple of tweaks to finish).  Nothing about this construction worked as planned.  Everything I thought I could 'fix' with filler, rub n buff, glue...NOPE! IT DIDN'T WORK.  See? I'm still frustrated.  I have one really ugly spot. I just can't make it better.  I give up.

The hinged section above is where the body will attach to the eye casing.  And another photo to show the tentacles (HALF the tentacles) taped in place.  Tonight's the night.  I will put it all together.  I will post pictures once I've toasted the end of construction.  I still don't know if it will hold together.  That is something I couldn't test.  Finally, I'd like to share my secret shame...

This is half of my bed.  I've been watching old science fiction, new science fiction and crap TV while constructing.  I have often fallen asleep while working.  My bed has looked like this for a month.  I have woken to hammers and wire cutters poking me in the back.  I've lost bills, and my kid's homework on my bed.

I'm not proud.  In fact I'm pretty mortified.  I made a promise to myself to get this done for Nova Albion which is next weekend.  I still have things to do on it, and on the garments that go with it.
I won't quit.  But I do want my bed back.

Things I would do differently - I really tried to make this out of metal and use proper metal working techniques to put it together. I will never drink that Kool-Aid again.  I have friends that do metal work.  If I need to join metal, I will hire them to do it for me.

Things I learned - some things just won't glue together; and the best made model don't translate to reality as easily as hoped.

B' Bye for now.

I just read this, and it sounds like I hate my kraken.  I don't.  In fact, I cannot wait to wear it.  It was a humbling experience and real life has got me tired and stressed.  But no worries!  Wearing a kraken bustle really WILL make me happy!


  1. Some costumes just fight me all the way, and the only thing that gets me through is sheer stubbornness not to let the costume 'win'. The pictures of your bed gave me a rueful chuckle; glad to know I'm not alone in the messy/obsessed costumer category! I no longer have to costume in the bedroom, but now my entire studio looks like that when I'm deeply involved in a project. Right now, it's an explosion of black bits and scraps...the Raven outfit is finally coming together.

    1. I have ROOM to work elsewhere, but sometimes I need to watch old Who. Or Godzilla. Especially when I'm doing repetitive tasks.

      I watched the new Dark Shadows while I glued the rivets. I can't watch anything really good or new while I work. I don't pay enough attention. But sometimes music just won't work as company.

  2. I have had to move my work space into the other half of my 13 year old son's room. So there is obviously some negotiation of timing there. And possibly a line of blue tape down the middle. And a request to not put the dress form near his side, as it looks creeeeepy by night light. Yes, night light. 13. Yup.

    So this means: no all nighters at the machine. Allnighters are spent on the 'puter when he has the room. I have to pick up at the end of every project. And worst of all, I no longer have the space by the tv, so there are NO MOVIES to unpick stitches by. Hellboy no longer keeps me company as I curse my backstitching habits of old. Eccleston no longer soothes as I speedstitch and break needles. And no Gamera; the spouse moved his office down there.

    I am still hopin' for Kraken action shots, though. I vote you just kludge it out and wear it and if it fails, carry a little pail and sweeper to pick up the bits. Fail big. I'll post my rice paper wedding dress photos for commiseration.