Tuesday, April 23, 2013

RELEASE the....yeah, you know - Lisa

IT'S DONE!  Sure I have some wires to trim.  I still haven't decided if I want to glue washers to look like suckers.  I hope to actually put it on and take pictures very soon.  And of course I'll be wearing it this weekend at Nova Albion.  

It is big.  It is heavy.  I am happy.  

You really can't see the butterfly bustle in this picture. And I forgot to buy batteries.  So I'll have to post another picture tomorrow.  Thing is, it hung like this all night and NOTHING FELL OFF!

What you can't see is that the eyeball casing opens and closes to allow access to batteries and to turn the eyes off and on.  And the latches I bought to keep it closed were too big.  So right now it is help closed with masking tape.  Worst case I will use clear packing tape to keep it closed.

Here is a side view.  See how the belt is pulling away?  This is what had me concerned.  This will pull my waist bands every which way and look crummy.  THIS is why I made the swiss waist.  And a butterfly bustle made with window screening.

Now I can wear the kraken with impunity.  Things can pull any which way an no one will see.  Everything will be stable and hidden underneath. 

I finished that last night too!  See the clever elastic sides?  Easy to hook and the hooks stay taut.  It also has clever little rings hanging in the front.  For gear.


  1. (repeatedly pumping fist in the air) Yeah! Knew you could!

    Now my son will want one. Although, as a 13yr old kid, WHAT he'd wear it with is a question. It won't go with his fez.

  2. I will be indulging in an adult beverage after work today to celebrate! (and my 11 year old son now wants a fully functional dalek costume - DREAM ON buster)

  3. AND we have a man down...
    One of the eyes was shattered in a tragic accident. Please send good thoughts to Amazon to get my delivery to me on time!