Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Doublet muslin

Had to make a new muslin for Boyfriend's doublet because, after I made the pants, I found the original one would've been too small. Margo Anderson advises making the pants first and she is SO RIGHT! Those pants added two inches to his waist!
Now I'm working on the interlining (canvass) with the interfacing sort of "quilted" to it.  When this is done, I get to cut on the hated velvet. I'll have to be sober for that....

I had to approximate what these pieces looked like as my dog has taken quite a liking to eating pattern pieces, the more expensive or important, the better.  We now call him "Repository" or "The Vault". He did eat all of the Laughing Moon Frock Coat, but I hated that pattern anyway...

Next up, Velvet Cutting!  Wish me luck.

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