Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Finished the jacket - L

This is the Truly Victorian pattern TV 464 Riding Habit Bodice.  This is not designed to be a 'properly tailored' jacket.  But it looks like one.  And it's all me.  I love all menswear inspired stuff, and am not generally a frilly kind of girl.  Then again, a peek of ruffle or lace is always awesome.

It's just a quick phone-pic.  The fabric is grey wool lined with black satin.  The lapels are black wool and the collar is black velveteen.  The shiny things at collar and cuff are the pins I made for my skirt.  As skirt decorations, they were a disaster.  They caught on things, snagged the skirt, and fell off.  Please note the small bit of cat in the upper right corner.  The fur is beautifully coordinated.

(prior post with the decorations and the skirt is here)
And a poor quality mirror picture actually wearing it:

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