Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Fine Art of Finishing - R

You've seen the pics of the Victorian Outfits, but what you don't know is that I'm not happy with them.  After dancing in the ballgown, I shortened it and the petticoat by one inch.  I stepped on it constantly and so did everyone else. Also, the corset was never finished. I shortened some of the bones (believe it when the instructions say to leave 1/2 inch of "wiggle room" for the boning, you will need it) and sewed the satin edging on. I just hated that frayed edge look.  Of course, the corset is almost too small for me now, so I'll either have to make another or lose the weight.  As I hate the thought of making another corset right now, I think I'll go on a diet! It's not hard to make a corset, it's hard to make a corset that fits properly.

As for the boyfriend's Frock Coat, I don't think I'll ever be totally happy with it, but there are some hem issues that need to be addressed. I don't know why/how the lining is pulling the hem up in a funny way and I hate the thought of unpicking all my hand sewn stitches, but it needs to be done.  Heavy sigh.  I'd much rather make something from scratch than fix something. All I can say about that coat is "I learned a lot". Another heavy sigh.

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