Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bad pictures of Nearly Done... - L

I'm headed down the last stretch on my outfit and took these admittedly poor phone pix to help me decide if the pleated-up lower sides were at a length that I liked before sewing them up  The front is pinned shut, some of the trim is pinned on, the bustle is not 'bustled' correctly, and the neck trim is missing completely.  The left picture is more accurate, and I just like the picture on the right because the angle of the mirror makes me look thinner than I am.  Also it's a better view of the sleeves. The front at the waist crosses over a lot more than I expected.  I will do a final fitting to see if I want to leave it as is, or take it in, or take in a dart.  Once the long darts are sewn, it very tough to access the center front from the inside.  If I take it in, I will be doing it by hand.  Overall, the result is as expected, and that makes me really happy. 

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