Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Franken-skirt and a Hat - R

What do I do when I don't feel like continuing on to the next step?  Why, make a bonnet, of course!  From previous posts you see the buckram frame, but here I've covered it in black cotton flannel, something I've read is called "mulling".  No idea if I've done it right. (The bottom pic has not had the edges trimmed.  From here it will be on to the fashion fabric and trimming the bejeezus out of it with all my pretty leaves and flowers. All of this is hand sewing, something to do while watching Dr. Who reruns when my brain can no longer think.

This is what happens when polyester meets a hot iron. Yes, it was an accident and yes, I did overcome my immediate desire to take the whole thing apart and recut and resew the damaged parts. This is on the inside, top of skirt base. Yes, it's ugly and I've now dubbed this my Franken-skirt.
If only you could see what is under the trim on my skirt...you would be appalled!  I'm heartily ashamed, but unrepentant. 

Lisa is urging me on to start the corset and things keep getting in the way. I only need two hours of uninterrupted time yet I can't seem to score that in life lately. I'm running out of things-you-can-do-in-only-30-minutes. Stay tuned to see if Robin makes the corset or gives up and just buys one.
You WILL make the corset.  Maybe just not right now?  You have assigned yourself a heavy load of sewing.  Also, you can't find the two hours....whereas I've just been sewing when I feel like it.  That's why I'm not losing weight, but nearly done.  Set yourself a time limit to be nearly done.  If you're not getting there, buy one.  The back-to-school madness has begun and I wan't be as able to help.

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