Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally. Progress! - R

This is a test run of the machine embroidery I'll use on the corset starting tomorrow. I used a scrap of the silk and plain old white cotton thread just to get an idea of the texture and size, but I think I'll use the delicate pastels of the cherry blossom design as is on the actual corset fashion fabric.

All the corset pieces are sewn, this is just the intermediate step before putting it all together, which I HOPE to do by Friday evening or Lisa will have nothing to fit to me.

Machine embroidery involves a lot of testing and a lot of computer junk that I hate. Since I have a Mac, I can't download embroidery designs to my computer, I have to use my boyfriend's and I just am not used to his layout at all, so I was constantly calling for help trying to find all the embroidery I'd downloaded in the last month (for Ren and other stuff). It was a frustrating evening which finally turned out OK.

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