Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Revamping my first dress - Robin

When I made my first costume, I never had time to fully trim it.  Two years later, during my "finish those dang things" project, I did it.
I started with the shoulders. Lisa and I had no idea how to fit a drop shoulder over my broad shoulders and ended up with a too-modern look.  I draped fabric over the dress and played with trim to see what I could do with it
I also raised the draping on the skirt and added trim on the sleeves. Here's how it came out:
The dress dummy won't conform to my corseted self, so here's the best shots. I didn't take any photos from the Dickens Faire, so there's nothing with the dress on a human. You'll have to use your imagination.  To finish my "finish this" project, I need to make the ballgown top for this skirt.  More on that later.

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