Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The I hate Elizabethan Post - Robin

So the Renaissance fair was close at hand and I could NOT finish this stuff. I got Roger's doublet done, but no sleeves. My bodice and overskirt were done, poorly, as I was rushing and making mistakes all over the place, but the embroidered underskirt was having problems and just would not be done, so I stuck a victorian skirt under it all and we went, with no sleeves. Poor Roger had no hat. I grabbed a hat I had and decorated it.  These costumes will need to be reworked. I hated this project from start to finish.  Lisa hated hers but at least she won a prize. She made us get into the costume contest with her for moral support (and also because there weren't that many people in it). Here they are in all their ugly glory, now stuffed in to the "finish later" pile.
By far, the most fun we had was when Lisa and I donned fencing gear and fought each other. We looked like giant hovercraft doing battle.

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  1. We WERE giant hovercraft! Though I was disappointed to learn that I was only beating you because I was 'cheating'. Who knew? Now we're even.