Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Victorian Bustle Dress circa 1880 - Robin

This one I did in record time (for me), taking about a month.  I wanted to wear it to the Holiday Bustle Tea. We only had one fitting session and I had problems galore once I got it together. It is too tight across the bust point. After the party I started ripping it apart to refit. Lisa and I have decided that it needs an insert in the front to give me more room. We thought we'd left enough ease in the muslin fitting, but it still wasn't enough. Now I'm working on an evening bodice to go with the skirt and overskirt and we're leaving more than enough room. The patterns are all fro Truly Victorian - the 1880 Cuirass Bodice, the Waterfall Overskirt and the 4-gore underskirt.
The hat was a last minute job, more of an overly large fascinator than actual hat. The day before the part I found some black roses at the dollar store, leftover from Halloween. Adding feathers and ribbon, this is what resulted. Worked for me!

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