Monday, January 6, 2014

Shear Madness FTW (3rd place!) - L

I'm a giddy 3rd place for Connor Kenway.  Actually, I think my son might even be more excited than me.  

After cranking through a literal TON of stuff between October 1st and Christmas, I was getting a bit worn and stagnant.  But I'm all fired up again.  And that's good because I have more things I want to make than time to make them.

Right now I'm knitting.  I'm making a sort of scarf/wrap using amazing yarn I got for Christmas.  It's colorful and fast.  A total palate cleanser.

If you haven't visited the Shear Madness Facebook page, you should.  There are some talented and inspiring people posting costumes and sharing ideas.
Alternately, read the contest blog post and see the other winners and contestants at: shearmadness blog
And it's a perfect time to go over what's ahead for me this year.
His and Hers Regency outfits.
18th Century Court dress - masquerade Queen of Clubs
(I didn't get the fabric I wanted.  I've re-figured my plans.  And hair. Posting soon.)
Re-do the Kraken Bustle - it just wasn't right, and it didn't light up
Attack on Titan Survey Corp - 2 cosplays for Fanime (I will have a little help on this)
Coastside Young Actors Workshop original play - TBD costumes for 30 to 50 kids

I've got two sets of stays to get made.  Muslins are cut, fabric is ready.  All this stuff need new underpinnings.  Then I have to do some serious work to make patterns outta of dreck.

We went to Dickens and had fun.  I didn't take pictures.  We went to GBACG Christmas Tea and had fun.  I didn't take pictures.  Robin may have some.  Robin may actually post again.....

Anyhow, thanks to the judges.  I tried a LOT of new things making the Connor Kenway costume, and I tried to keep it cheap.  Just getting it done made me proud.  Acknowledgement makes it even sweeter.
The judges noted everything that I'm most proud of.

The quote for this costume 'I couldn't get eagle feathers, but seagull is close, right?'