Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Edwardian Ball and avoidance knitting - L

We went to the Edwardian World's Faire.  It happens the night before the Ball and is less crowded and has more cool stuff like bicycle rides and a midway.  Same amount of awesome music.  Being a horrific dancer, this is the night for me.  This is also a night to channel your inner Steampunk.  I took the Anteater underskirt and added the Gibson-inspired blouse and just made a vest, drawers, and a top hat.  The vest is from a modern pattern with princess seams.  I had to mod it to fit a corseted figure which makes the pattern pieces look really odd, but it works well.   And since I have to do a FBA anyhow...
I moved the implied bust point up and reduced the waist ALL in the side front pattern piece.  I also added about an inch (plus) of horizantal width for bust room.  Then all I added was 2 inches of length in the center front pattern piece.  I split that addition between the waist (at the lengthen/shorten line) and above the bust.  That allows the front of the vest to be lower so I can show off the pleating on the blouse.  The top hat has been on my list to make FOREVER.  It's the Lynn McMasters riding hat pattern.  I made a few mistakes.  Actually pretty serious mistakes.  The crown portion was significantly larger than the brim.  I sort of jammed it together and covered the ugly parts with feathers and ribbon.  None of this can be seen in the picture...  ha ha ha.

And then I indulged in avoidance knitting.  That's what you do when you have sewing burnout.  And when you got some awesome yarn for Christmas.  I made two scarves inspired by free patterns on Ravelry.  Neither is quite done.  One needs fringe and beads to be finished.  The other needs to be blocked.  But here they are anyway, because I will never remember to blog them later.  Of course we are having unseasonably warm weather now....

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